Self-Sacrifice vs. Self-Care | Madam Cutie

So what do you think is more sustainable, self-sacrifice or self-care? Self-sacrifice can be summed up as putting others needs before your own, while self-care is putting your needs first. Don’t get me wrong; self-care is not about ignoring the needs of others. It means taking care of yourself first. Just like on an airplane, … Continue Reading

Damaging Praise

Praise Can Damage – 3 Types to Avoid

If you feel praising a child is helping them feel good about themselves, think again. Praise can be the contaminated carrot, with a stick at the other end. “Great job!” “Well done!” “Smart boy!” “Good girl!” Walk into any learning environment with young people and you will invariably hear these glib expressions of praise generously … Continue Reading

Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy

The roots of my obsession with gardening and growing can probably be traced back to my early childhood. I had no idea that it would later be labeled as Garden Therapy.  I remember at five — flushed with the repeated success of jam jar germination experiments with green beans — how I had tried to … Continue Reading


Fear of Clowns

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  • Shyla Sreedharan

Scary Clowns are making the news. There has been a spate of clown pranks in the USA and UK in which pranksters in clown costumes with frightening weapons are terrorizing innocent members of the public. But why clowns, and why are they so scary to many of us? The perpetrators seem to be capitalizing on … Continue Reading

Integrated Psychotherapy

Integrated Psychotherapy with Heart

We use an Integrative Psychotherapy approach to your treatment.   What does that mean?  Well consider this… In Psychotherapy there are many styles, approaches, and techniques.   Each type is better suited for certain issues and personalities.  If you consider them as tools, a hammer works best on a nail, a screwdriver works best to tighten screws, and a … Continue Reading

Testimonials for Shyla Sreedharan

Testimonials | Shyla Sreedharan

Client Testimonial “I was deeply confused and unhappy in my marriage of 8 years.  Society, parents, and many friends urged me to remain in this unsatisfying marriage and just tough it out and bear with it, and I became more alone and isolated with my problems.  Shyla’s compassion and non-judgmental counselling enabled me to see … Continue Reading