Depression - Get Help in Dallas and Singapore

Depression • Get help today at Therapy Rocks

Your depression can be treated Your depression can be successfully treated. You may be experiencing any number of symptoms like inability to concentrate, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness or helplessness,  loss of interest in things you once liked,  persistent sadness or “empty” feelings; irritability and many others. The difference between normal sadness and depression Everyone experiences sadness at … Continue Reading

Anxiety - Get Help at Therapy Rocks

Anxiety • Get help today at Therapy Rocks

Your anxiety can be treated Suffering from anxiety can be extremely debilitating and is usually endured in silence, because those around you often misunderstand the condition. Managing your anxiety is difficult enough, but even harder when people start giving you unsolicited, unprofessional advice like, “quit worrying” or “stay calm.” Anxiety is a general term for several … Continue Reading

Self-Worth - Help at Therapy Rocks

Self-Worth Issues • Get help today at Therapy Rocks

 Understanding Self-Worth Self-worth is an internal state of being that comes from self-understanding, self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-love.  Its a direct measure of how you value and regard yourself despite the opinions of others, and the circumstances you are in.  To have a high level of self-worth means feeling worthy and deserving of good things such … Continue Reading

This is why Therapy Rocks!

What is in a name? For you linguistic buffs, the word “Rocks” in modern English means great, stylish, powerful or awesome; originally derived from the term Rock & Roll.  So, why Therapy Rocks?  Some people in society have wrongfully projected shame on those who have sought out therapy; it was time for a rebranding, hence … Continue Reading

Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy

The roots of my obsession with gardening and growing can probably be traced back to my early childhood. I had no idea that it would later be labeled as Garden Therapy.  I remember at five — flushed with the repeated success of jam jar germination experiments with green beans — how I had tried to … Continue Reading

Testimonials for Shyla Sreedharan

Testimonials | Shyla Sreedharan

Client Testimonial “I was deeply confused and unhappy in my marriage of 8 years.  Society, parents, and many friends urged me to remain in this unsatisfying marriage and just tough it out and bear with it, and I became more alone and isolated with my problems.  Shyla’s compassion and non-judgmental counselling enabled me to see … Continue Reading