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Client Testimonial

“I was deeply confused and unhappy in my marriage of 8 years.  Society, parents, and many friends urged me to remain in this unsatisfying marriage and just tough it out and bear with it, and I became more alone and isolated with my problems.  Shyla’s compassion and non-judgmental counselling enabled me to see things clearly, and recognize my long neglected needs for love. Sessions with Shyla slowly uncovered my innate strengths and empowered me to take action giving me peace of mind and hope for a brighter future.   In my saddest time of need, her therapeutic presence and skilled support brought clarity and confidence to me.  If you are confused, anxious, or unhappy, Shyla can help you.”


Peer Testimonial

“I have known Shyla for many years, and have always been impressed by her warm and engaging personality. She is a most responsible person who is defined by an unwavering sense of integrity and compassion. To us counsellors, these are indispensable personal qualities that determine the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship we develop with our clients. Shyla exudes them in abundance. Shyla is also an experienced and skilled educator, which undoubtedly further endows her with the intuition of a guide and motivator.

In her formal training as a counsellor, which she underwent through Swinburne University of Technology’s Master of Social Science in Professional Counselling course, she performed excellently, particularly in the area of Re-decision Psychotherapy. I am confident that the clinical competencies Shyla acquired through her training, coupled with her own unique personal qualities, experience, and enthusiasm, will allow her to make a most positive difference to the clients she journeys with as a counsellor.”

Clinical Director
Executive Counselling and Training Academy (ECTA)
Chairperson (Ethics Board)
Singapore Association of Counselling (SAC)

Client Testimonial

“Shyla assisted me with coming to a conclusion regarding my relationship issues that have spanned over years. She did not impose her own views or beliefs on me.  Instead, she asked clear questions to get me to reflect and arrive at an important decision on my own. Shyla’s approach towards counselling is unique compared to other therapists as she strives to address the root issues that are plaguing your life, and not just treat the symptoms.”

~R.B. NG

Client Testimonial

“I had a hard time during my formative teen years adjusting to the weight of expectations, as well as rebelling against norms.  This led to many decisions which were not in my best interest. With Miss Shyla’s kind words of encouragement and close counselling guidance, I was able to realign my life and get back on to a path that was right for me.  I was able to come around and am now a much better person for it.”


Client Testimonial

“I want to thank Shyla for her guidance, having made several positive changes in my life since attending her counselling sessions. Shyla provided me with the tools and techniques I needed to make my life and my personal relationships stronger, healthier and happier. She taught me how to communicate better and take responsibility for my own negative behavior. I feel in control of my life now and the sense of empowerment is certainly rewarding. I highly recommend her practice to anyone seeking support and growth.”


Peer Testimonial

“Shyla has helped people through some of the most difficult and stressful times of their lives. Being non judgmental and accepting, maintaining warmth and understanding, counsellors help clients who are hurting and troubled to feel understood and heard. Shyla is one such counsellor. She possesses these qualities and has a strong set of interpersonal skills needed to establish rapport quickly and develop strong relationships. “To start where the client is at” comes naturally to Shyla besides her ability to cultivate trust. Her genuine openness and commitment, within the counselling relationship, provides the safe space that is much needed for interaction, disclosure, and effecting change.”

Clinical Supervisor,
Executive Counselling and Training Academy (ECTA)

Client Testimonial

Having seen multiple therapists due to severe anxiety and several bouts of depression, I can confidently say that Shyla has been the most compassionate, relatable and sincere of them all. What sets her apart from my previous therapists was the massive effort she put into helping my condition; she truly wants you to get better, and she demonstrates this with good off-site exercises that were really effective in boosting my day-to-day attitude. I also realized that talking to a friend cannot solve deeply entrenched issues within the self. With Shyla’s wealth of professional experience and knowledge, she had the appropriate toolkit to attack the root of the problem and improve the way I think. If you are hesitant about starting therapy, I safely say try Shyla. Why? Because she cares about you.


Client Testimonial

When I came to Shyla, I felt as if I had reached as far as I was able to help myself. I had a deeply buried sadness, which I didn’t know how to release. I had problems trying to un-knot the last few knots from my previous relationship. Unable to let go, unable to move on. Through her methods of counselling, and helping me to learn how to help myself, I have found new perspective that I hadn’t considered before. New ideas formed, new skills practiced. So long as I am on this path, I feel more optimistic that I will be able to continue and improve over time. It’s all about rediscovering hope, and Shyla gave that to me.


Client Testimonial

Shyla is a perceptive listener with a compassionate soul. I appreciate that she is genuine and sincere with insightful observations and techniques in dealing with the issues I faced. She does not try to pretend to know how it is for you in a superficial way, but works closely and patiently with you in overcoming your core issues in a sustainable manner. Her methods have been nothing but helpful for me so far and am looking forward to more sessions with her!


Client Testimonial

Shyla’s role has evolved from one on one counselling to family support over the time we’ve known her. She has provided impassioned bereavement counselling, given guidance with family matters, and contributed unlimited information and resources on spectrum disorders which has infinitely helped members of our family – old and young. She is such an important cog in our support wheel, and we are very greatful to have met someone as well educated and experienced as Shyla. Whether she be in Singapore or Dallas, the contact and communication remains the same. Thank you Shyla!


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Shyla Sreedharan

Shyla is the Founder and Senior Counsellor at Therapy Rocks. She has a Master in Social Science (Professional Counselling) from Swinburne University of Technology (Australia) and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from the National University of Singapore. She is an experienced counsellor, therapist, writer, and educator who has helped many find their way in love, life, and well-being.

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