Success Secrets of Online Dating

Success Secrets of Online Dating • A Workshop for Women • 27th May, 2017 • Singapore

To find real love in the world of online dating – isn’t that what most of us really want? Online dating is very often a dog-eat-dog world; a game of ghost or be ghosted; bench or be benched. The ones you like end up dumping you, and the ones you don’t like are hard to get rid of.

So what can you do?

This 3-hour workshop will equip you with the skills to get the most out of dating, both online and offline.  You’ll learn to apply psychology to begin the kind of relationship that you want, avoid the kind of dates you don’t want. You’ll also learn to handle Ghosting*, Benching*, & Single-posers*. This is a no-taboo R18 workshop on Online Dating.

Learn the 3 Most Important Secrets that can Make-or-Break Your Relationship & Dating Success

For the price of a night out on the town, you’ll gain skills and knowledge based on psychology, as well as build confidence you need to start the kind of relationship you want, and see through the people who’d rather play games.


Who Should Attend?

  • Women aged 18 to 80.
  • Single users of online dating apps.
  • Singles who are new to the dating scene or re-entering it after a some time away.
  • Those who want more out of a new relationship.
  • Single men are also welcome; while the program has been designed especially for women, many concepts and learnings are also applicable to both genders.

What You Will Gain/Learn:

  • The 3 Most Important Secrets that can Make-or-Break your Relationship & Dating Success.
  • How to get the best person for you.
  • A better understanding of psychology and how to apply it to your dating & relationships.
  • How to let someone down without Ghosting them yourself.
  • How to tell if someone is a potential Ghost*; and what to do about it.
  • When is the right time to Ghost someone.
  • How to tell if you are being Benched*; and what to do about it.
  • How to make yourself first-string, instead of bench material.
  • How to spot a Single-Poser and what to do about it.
  • Understand why you are attracted to some people and not others.
  • Get clear on the type of person you want and how to attract them.
  • Find out where you might be exploited by others; and what to do about it.
  • Understand the behaviors that are sabotaging your efforts to get Mr./Ms. Right, and what to do about it.
  • Find the key to getting the kind of relationship you want and deserve.
  • Know where to turn for help when you need it.

“I attended the 3 hour workshop and received many insights and tactics to improve on my new relationship. Defiantly I would recommend anyone, who is in the dating scenario or is at the start of a new relationship.   Thank you for a safe environment and great insights.” ~ PZ

Make psychology work for you!


COST: $33

VENUE: ringMD event room : 72 Club Street, Singapore, 069471
Saturday 27th May, 2017


Shyla Sreedharan
Sr. Counsellor & Psychotherapist at Therapy Rocks Pte. Ltd.

MSocSc (Professional Counselling), Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)

Shyla is an experienced educator, counsellor and therapist who has helped many find their way in love, life, and well-being.

Gregory Colley
Business Developer & Coach at Therapy Rocks Pte. Ltd.

Over 10 years of training in human behavior and experience in personal & professional coaching. Other domain experience includes building tech businesses, education, digital marketing, and video production.

Dictionary of Terms:

*Ghosting: the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly
and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. Basically the person
turns into a Ghost. This could happen after a very intimate first night, or after a longer drawn out relationship.

*Benching: like in team sports, the “benched” players are the reserve players,
the backups. Most often the “Bencher” strings the “Benchee” along with just
enough attention to keep them warm for a backup date or bootie call when there
are no better options.

*Single-Poser: Someone who is married, however pretends online that they are
single. You often only find out they are actually married after a few dates.



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